Valparaíso Hills

Cerro Alegre & Cerro Concepcion

Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción are a major part of the port’s history, which dates back to the Colonial period, and neither is shy about showing off its heritage. The neighborhoods that have grown in and around them are part of the Zona Típica (historical district) of Valparaíso.

The layout of the Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción shopping districts has not changed in hundreds of years, and the neighborhoods’ aristocratic heritage has left a trail of stunning and tastefully decorated manor homes. Get lost in winding streets where locals and tourists mingle amidst a jumble of antique mansions, colorful houses, graffiti-covered walls, boutiques, traditional bakeries and restaurants specializing in fusion cuisine.

This starting point provides an opportunity to admire Valparaíso’s El Peral, Reina Victoria and Concepción ascensores (elevators), all of which are historical monuments. The city’s patrimony also is represented by the Saint Paul Anglican Church (1858) and Palacio Baburizza (1916). Together with centuries old manor homes that have become boutique hotels and spacious restaurants, they bring a very distinctive vibe to the neighborhood.

This is one of the favorite spots of foreign tourists who stroll through one of the three beautiful pedestrian walks overlooking the bay in the area: the Yugoslav, site of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Gervasoni, with the house museum The caricaturist Lukas, and the Atkinson, where you can see street artists painting scenes of the bay.

Visitors never seem to tire of the area’s pedestrian walkways, all of which provide gorgeous views of the bay. Paseo Gervasoni offers a chance to visit the house-museum of Chilean cartoonist Lukas, and artists can be found painting images of the city and port on Paseo Atkinson. Finally, Paseo Yugoslavo is home to Palacio Baburizza, which was designed by two famous Italian architects who arrived to the region in the early 20th century. The art nouveau-style mansion is now home to the Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes’ Art Gallery.


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